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The Stanley Film Center will be a venue for not only watching and celebrating film, it will also be a creative space for making film, art, and literature.

Interactive experiences will be offered through constantly evolving exhibits that incorporate the many unique venues and spaces in The Stanley Film Center and on the Stanley Hotel’s iconic campus.

Film Festivals & Programming

The Stanley Film Center’s programming, while satisfying the fans of the horror genre, will extend beyond horror to encompass the vast spectrum of film. Adventure and Environmental, Horror and Westerns — all the themes included will be those that speak to the stories of the human experience.

Horror Film Museum

A key element of the physical footprint of The Stanley Film Center will be its Horror Film Museum, with its collection of artifacts and curiosities from cult classics. The Stanley Film Center and Horror Film Museum will provide yet another draw for horror film fans, who spend more than $1.1 billion at the box office worldwide. The museum has already procured the axe used in the filming of The Shining, an auction-house event that drew media coverage from TMZ, as well as regional and local news outlets.

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